Meet the MikkiMoves Humboldt County Team of Professional Realtors®

Mikki Cardoza | Broker/ Owner
Mikki Cardoza | Broker/ Owner(707) 515-6695
Teacher, with credentials to be a school principal, now a Realtor with an interesting story…
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MIchelle Rowland | Broker Manager
MIchelle Rowland | Broker Manager(707) 599-9446
A Realtor with experience in title, escrow and lending who loves working with MikkiMoves…
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Cheri Champ | Realtor®
Cheri Champ | Realtor®(707) 845-1178
Sales and marketer who left Southern CA after falling in love with the beauty of Humboldt.
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Brian Wruck | Realtor®
Brian Wruck | Realtor®(707) 599-9218
Former Coast Guard member who brought his service values to real estate…
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Janna Lyon Walsh | Realtor®
Janna Lyon Walsh | Realtor®(707) 601-7210
HIgh school volleyball coach, mom and foster parent to wayward dogs, she keeps herself busy…
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Jessika Chapman | Realtor®
Jessika Chapman | Realtor®(707) 616-1707
A Humboldt Local, mom, active in the community, believes that life experiences build the person…
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Joshua Cook | Broker Associate
Joshua Cook | Broker Associate619-218-5411
Clients benefit from his customer service, management and home improvement background…
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Kimberly Keisling | Realtor®
Kimberly Keisling | Realtor®(707) 599-3788
Passionate about her community, her family, Humboldt and real estate…
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Ruthie Jones | Realtor®
Ruthie Jones | Realtor®(707) 572-0683
¡Habla español! She landed here while hunting for a college, and now calls Humboldt home..
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Sophie Jones | Realtor®
Sophie Jones | Realtor®(208) 954-9793
Originally from Idaho, but cannot imagine her life without the beautiful beaches and redwoods.
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Sarah Coleman | Realtor®
Sarah Coleman | Realtor®(707) 267-5656
She has a long time history of connecting with her clients and giving a heart-centric touch.
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Donnie Walsh | Realtor® Assistant
Donnie Walsh | Realtor® Assistant(707) 616-1551
Born local knows his way around town. Fascinated with Real Estate after his wife started her career in sales…
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Alexander Woodrow Miller | Realtor®
Alexander Woodrow Miller | Realtor®(707) 601-1395
Loves Humboldt’s hidden gems and is well versed in the local industries…
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